ATHOS Honey Dynasty

On the 11/09/2014 at 12:15 PM we greeted the 6th puppy. It was our 4th boy , who received the black ribbon.
Noble, contemplative and mysterious is our Mr.Black. He is very charming, the only things he misses are a black tie and luxurious car. Otherwise this little boy reminds the famous british agent , at the start we actually called him Agent 006. We noticed that he was the first one who understood that he has a tail. :) And now we've decided on his name Athos. His character and attitude against life and his surrounders can be evaluated as the well known moto: "one for all, all for one" -  this is our ATHOS OF HONEY DYNASTY!

The 12th week

The 10th week

The 2 monds old

The 7th week

The 6th week

The 5th week

The fourth week

The third week

The second week

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