ALPHA Honey Dynasty

When the 8th puppy was born , who by the way was the smallest and weakest one, I tied the green ribbon around her neck and thought: "Let the green light always shine on your ways, baby girl!" In the first weeks i looked after her more carefully and made sure that she get's to mom as the first. Now little Miss Green shows her inner power in the games with brothers and lets them know who's in charge. She is a star! We can see the true shine of the star only in a clear sky. Alpha Centauri is the closest constellation to the Sun, but Alpha is it's brightest star. Alpha is very special to us and it's a special way in front of her! Look for yourself - Alpha from Honey Dinasty!

The 7th week

The 6th week

The 5th week

The fourth week

The third week

The second week

The first week