ALBERO Honey Dynasty

Not moving, sits and looks at you waiting for your eyes to meet. His eye sight is special! You can't not notice it, because this pair of eyes wants to talk to you. It seems that his mind is more mature than it should be and after a little bit he'll answer.. But no.. the words tangle.. In this life we have to communicate without language.
For long we couldn't choose his name.
 In italian 'albero' means 'a tree'. Trees are worshiped for a very long time. People believed that trees had magical powers . In Latvia we know Austra tree, who's roots symbolize the underground world, stem - the world we live in and the foliage symbolize the upper world.
I believe this life is given to us to understand each other. Little Albero, your owner is already on his way to you and you'll become his soul mate!

The 7th week

The 6th week

The 5th week

The fourth week

The third week

The second week

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