ALOPE Honey Dynasty (aka: PERLA)


If you'll hear a noise, then Miss Beige definitely is included. She isn't intimidated by her brothers, quite opposite, she'll show them their place, but when it comes to kids, she is the loveliest of them all. She'll always leave a bit of her meal to later, because of her thoughtfulness. Her spirit is free and open to everything new. In the 19th century one of the most known chieftain in the militant and strong apache tribe was Geronimo. His first wife was beautiful apache girl Alope, who he tragically lost. After that he revenged for that his whole life. We believe that our Alope will find her owner who she'll love from her whole heart and who will appreciate her love as well and will love her back. Meet ALOPE OF HONEY DYNASTY!

The 10th week

The 2 months old

The 7th week

The 6th week

The 5th week

The fourth week

The third week

The second week

The first week