• Country of origin : Great britain
  • Height at withers : for dogs 63,5 – 68,5 cm, for bitches 61 – 66 cm 
  • Weight : for dogs 50 – 59 kg, for bitches 41 – 48 kg 
  • Fur : straight, short, thick, close fitting, without undercoat 
  • Fur color : beige, foxy, Tiger-brindle, with black mask, allowed white spot on chest 
  • Life Expectancy : 8 – 9 years

Bullmastiff is a quiet and mighty guardian. Nowadays bulmastiff has largely lost its aggressiveness towards people and become peaceful, but will only be suited to a person who will manage to find a common ground with the dog. It can be entrusted to protect one’s property. Bullmastiff is a dog with a calm, playful nature that barks only when necessary. Sometimes bullmastiff shows spitefulness and independence. During the training, dog perfectly focuses on the task, works with pleasure, can be trained easily if the owner is the authority for the dog and treats it with consequence, calmly and fairly.

...from history

  • The local dog and Roman millitary cross breeds were orginated in Britain
  • In 18th century were created four-legged forester assistants to fight against poachers
  • In later centuries, the British police used bullmastiffs in police work
  • In 1927.g. England's dog handling club recognized bullmastiff as an independent breed