BLANCA Honey Dynasty

This amazing little girl was the fifth one to arrive and we gave her the cream colour ribbon. She knows how to be both gracefully feminine and childishly playful. She creates a warm atmosphere around herself and she makes sure to be the first one to jump up when giving you the good morning kiss. She is BLANCA Honey Dynasty! Her name in Spanish means "white". For Spanish every day is a celebration - siesta here, fiesta there.. and we are sure that Blanca will live up to her name and she'll make every day light and happy for her new owners!

At  5th handling lesson with Anastasia

The sixth week - 45 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 35 days old

The third week - 17 days old

The second week - 11 days old

The first week - 5 days old

Miss Cream born 07/05/2016 at 01.51 AM