BERENICE Honey Dynasty (aka: NICE)

Miss Purple arrived as the second. She's the oldest of the sisters and she's the only girl who has inherited her father's saturated coat colour. When the food is weighed out she patiently sits and waits because she knows that what follows is her favourite part of the day - eating time! She's a very thoughtful individual with a never ending love for human. At times she likes to tease and annoy her other siblings - climb over them, chew on them, taking away their toys but she doesn't do it to be me - only to show who is who in the crowd. Our third princess gets a name which has been possessed by sever Egyptian leaders, as well as Cleopatra's sister - BERENICE Honey Dynasty.

In ancient Greek it means '' the victory bearer".

I know that there's a family waiting for you impatiently at home already so Berenice,

be loved and happy!

At  5th handling lesson with Anastasia

The sixth week - 45 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 35 days old

The third week - 17 days old

The second week - 11 days old

The first week - 5 days old

Miss Purple born 07/05/2016 at 00.40 AM