Miss Pink is a mommy's girl . Her big eyes and sable coat enriches her cute look. She has an intelligently sharp mind. She quickly understands how to over come any obstacle. Most importantly you have to take these decisions on your own, not follow everyone's lead. If someone tries to get in the way, you'll hear low-key growling:" I want it..." - miss Pink's motto. She is good looking and has good manners - like a proper lady - she eats slowly as if she'd be enjoying every bite. You'd say that she's a typical mastiff? - yes and not only that because her name is BEAUTIFUL CLEOPATRA Honey Dynasty

The Egyptian Cleopatra sat in her throne with an official title  Θεα Φιλοπατωρ (Tea Filapatora), which means " the father loving goddess " .

We all hope to see Cleo in loving family where she charms everyone with her beauty. Good luck, Cleo!

At  5th handling lesson with Anastasia

The sixth week - 45 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 35 days old

The third week - 17 days old

The second week - 11 days old

The first week - 5 days old

Miss Pink born 07/05/2016 at 01.29 AM