Honey Dynasty CYCLONE

Spring of 2017. It was a warm and sunny March day when we went to the clinic for a miracle to happen right before our eyes. By the time everything was prepared for this magical moment, suddenly it got very dark outside, a strong wind came and it started to rain heavily. The clinic even lost electricity for a brief moment. My husband and I exchanged looks and each to ourselves thought : this must be a sign! In two months time we welcomed a litter which was heavily dominated by boys. True sons of Thunder! Although one of them stands out with a special temper and he definitely won't go unnoticed wherever he goes. He wishes to lead all games he plays, he's determined to be the first one to receive love and attention as well as to get his breakfast lunch and dinner first... He was also the first one to be given a name. Introducing our CREAM Rose bud - HONEY DYNASTY CYCLONE.

The tenth week

The ninth week

The eighth week

The seventh week

The sixth week - 46 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 31 days old

The third week - 23 days old

The second week - 14 days old

The first week - 7 days old