Honey Dynasty COBBER

Our polar bear! He's the incarnation of love and wisdom bravely sticking up for himself and his bone against Cyclon. When we hear the heart breaking whining coming from the nursery we know that it's no other than our Ruby rose bud waiting for his breakfast.   He was the first one to figure out how to escape the fence that divides their play area to the rest of the garden and paid two unexpected visits to us today. This soft-hearted giant will teach his owner to love and enjoy life . He'll show that there can never love someone too much and that best friends always stay side by side.

To strengthen the unbreakable bond between him and his new owner we've given him the name HONEY DYNASTY COBBER. In Australian language it means ''close friend''/''soul mate''.

The tenth week

The ninth week

The eighth week

The seventh week

The sixth week - 46 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 31 days old

The third week - 23 days old

The second week - 14 days old

The first week - 7 days old