Honey Dynasty CAYENNE

Pink rose bud - our second ''C'' litter girl.  She houses two personalities: she can be a total lap dog who wants to give and receive all the love she contains or she can run around with her head in the clouds carelessly. There's no way one can not love her. She eats calmly enjoying every bite - like a true lady. Seems like we need to equip her with proper cutlery - that's how gracious her eating habits are. When playing, her second nature seems to come through - she's fast and wild, always open to explore new things. From her ancestors she has inherited the charm and attitude which a successful show dog requires. She's observant and tries to catch all looks thrown her way. When she reaches you her paw it's like she's saying " I was already expecting you, stay, let's play for a little more!''

Our red chilli pepper with glossy eyes and a tail which keeps on wiggling in the air - HONEY DYNASTY CAYENNE

The tenth week

The ninth week

The eighth week

The seventh week

The sixth week - 46 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 31 days old

The third week - 23 days old

The second week - 14 days old

The first week old - 7 days old