Honey Dynasty CARAT

This puppy can be best described with the adjective "self-sufficient''. It's clearly visible that he feels confident and at peace with himself. One can adore the braveness with what he presents his personality to the world. Our Orange rose bud knows all too well how significant he is to us and has the ability to make decisions trusting his own instincts. He doesn't try to impress everyone, but that's not uncommon amongst bullmastiffs. There are certain gemstones which require a specific measurement to tell how valuable they are but our Orange jewel is priceless to us.


The tenth week

The ninth week

The eighth week

The seventh week

The sixth week - 46 days old

The fifth week - 40 days old

The fourth week - 31 days old

The third week - 23 days old

The second week - 14 days old

The first week - 7 days old