International Dog Shows in Finland

Finland, Helsinki, 29/07/2017

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (champion class) - exc., BF1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

judged by Attila Czegledi (Hungary)

Rosie became the Finnish Champion.

Handling by Anastasija Smolova

Finland, Pori, 30/07/2017

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (champion class) - CQ, BF1, CACIB, BOO

judged by Noel Beggs (Ireland).

She became the Interchampion now!!!

International Dog Show

Belarus, Minsk, 25/02/2017

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (open class) - exc., BF2, CAC, R.CACIB

judged by K.Butrimova (Lithuania).

She is Belarusian Champion now.

Double CAC Dog Shows

Latvia, Liepaja, 03 - 04/12/2016

What a weekend! 
Our ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty got 2 x BOB and BIG 2!

To be the 2nd one after Doberman this time is a massive honour, it's great to receive such high evaluation from the honourable judge Luiz Fernando Ribas Silva (Brazil)! Breed's judges - Demetris Christodoulou and Sonia Kelveri Philippou from Cyprus.

Thank you very much our handlers Anastasija & Lera!

International FCI CACIB Dog Show "BALTIC WINNER '2016"

Latvia, Riga, 12/11/2016


(open class - 11 entries)

got excellent, CQ, BF1, BOO, CACIB and title "BALTIC Winner '16"

under judge from Estonia - Helen Tonkson - Koit.
Thanks for Rose's excellent handling to Anastasija Smolova!

European Dog Show 2016

Belgium, Brussels, 28/08/2016


(intermediate class - 10 entries)

got "excellent"

under judge from Spain - Carlos Salas Melero.

Bullmastiff Club Speciality show

Belgium, Putte, 27/08/2016


(intermediate class - 9 entries)

got 2nd place

under honorable judge from Poland - Sebastian Harnik.

NDS "Russian Spring"

Russia, Kaliningrad, 09/07/2016

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (intermediate class) - excellent, BF1, CAC, BOB under judge Branislav Rajic (Slovenia) and she can become Russian and RKF Champion! 

 Massive thanks to Marija & Sergey Demchenko for looking after our princess and thanks to Valeria Vahonina for showing our petal immaculately! 

NDS ''Auksinis Fazanas"

Lithuania, Palanga, 12/06/2016

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (open class) - excellent, BF1, CAC, BOB under judge Astrid Lundava (Estonia) and she can become Lithuanian Champion now!

In the ring again with Anastasija 

IDS "Latvian Winner 2016"

Latvia, Riga, 11/06/2016

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (intermediate class) - excellent, BF1, CACIB, BOO and title 'Latvian Winner '16" under judge Vija Klučniece (Latvia).

Handling by Marija Demchenko.

IDS "Tallinn Winter Cup 2016"

Estonia, Tallinn, 06/02/2016

 First time in the intermediate class at the age 16 months -

 ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - excellent, BF1, CAC, her first CACIB, BOO and also title "Winter Cup '16 Winner" under judge Saija Juutilainen (Finland) and she can become Estonian Champion!

Handling by Anastasija Smolova.

National Dog shows

Latvia, Liepaja, 05-06/12/2015

05/12/2015 in the NDS "Amber shore 2015" ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (14 months old) got excellent, PP, BF1 and BOO under judge Sergii Slukin (Ukraine).

06/12/2015 - Rosie got excellent, PP, BF1 and BOB under judge Levente Mikloš (Hungary).

Thanks to judges and our beautiful handlers Anastasija & Marta!


European Dog Show 2015

Norway, Oslo, 05/09/2015

Junior class - 15 entries - ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - excellent, 1st place, European Junior Winner 2015!

Dear Anastasija, thank you once again for the work you've put in this little treasure!!!

National Dog shows

Latvia, Liepaja, 08-09/08/2015

08/09/2015 in the NDS "Amber Cup 2015'' ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty ( 10 months old) got her 3rd JCAC, BOB, BIG5 under breed's judge Iuza Beradze ( Czech Republic) and group's judge Inese Pablaka (Latvia)!

Rosie closed Junior Champion of Latvia!

She is JCh LV, JCh LT, JCh EE, JCh BALT, JCh RU now. 

09/08/2015 in the NDS "Amber Summer 2015"  - PP, Jun1, BF2.

Anastasija, thank you for support in the ring!

International Dog show CACIB-FCI

Russia, Kaliningrad, 12/07/2015

12/07/2015 in Kaliningrad at international dog show CACIB-FCI "Amber Summer 2015" ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty received - excellent, JCAC, BOB - junior and BOO! Our sweet girl is now Junior Champion of Russia !

Thanks to judge Irina Shvets (Russia) for the nice words!

International Dog show

Estonia, Pärnu, 04/07/2015

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (9 months old) took part in the junior class and received - excellent, JCAC, BOB-junior and BOB, she is Junior Champion of Estonia now!

Thank you to the judge Vadim Katsnelson (Ukraine) for the high assessment!
In the competition she was in TOP 6 of the 2nd Group under judge Christian Jouanchicot (France).
Thank you Nastja for spending your birthday together with us - your help and support was just what we appreciated!

International FCI CACIB Dog show "Latvian Winner '2015' "

Latvia, Riga, 27/06/2015

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - PP, JCAC, BF2 and "Latvian Junior Winner '2015" 

judged by Mr. Hans Bierwolf (Austria)!

Anastasija, thank you very much for her excellent handling!

Speciality show for II FCI group 

Latvia, Riga, 26/06/2015

 ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - JCAC, BOB, 3rd Best Junior in Show under judge Vincenzo Parmiciano (Italy) and 2nd Best in Show under judge Nina Kharatishvili (Russia)!

National dog show

Lithuania, Palanga, 14/06/2015

ALPINE ROSE HONEY DYNASTY (9 months) - excellent, Junior Winner, BOS and Junior Champion of Lithuania under judge Regina Vaitkunskiene (Lithuania). Thank you very much to judge! Congrats with BOB - KING OF THE CASTLE IŠ DVARIŠKIU & Denis Porokh (Russia)! 

International dog show

Latvia, Riga, 21/03/2015

THE 4rd BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - bullmastiff ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (Librrani's High Performance Alonso x Harizma White Honey) -  6 months old!
Thanks for excellent handling to Anastasija Smolova! 

Rose is usually introverted but she's not against this girl! That's a very special kind of relationship <3