Meeting in Liepaja 05-06/12/2015

The national dog show in Liepaja was a big enough reason to meet. The dog show itself, the lovely evening we spent together and the walk on the windy beach will stay in our memories for a long time...

We've two new Champion International de Beauté

Happy Birthday,


One for all and all for one continues!

Love, your sister ROSE , grandma HANNA, aunt HELLA, mom HARIZMA and brother ACCO

European Dog Show in Oslo 2015

..and the star rain pours over us...

Junior class - 15 entries - ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - excellent, 1st place, European Junior Winner 2015!

Open class - 9 entries - HELLA White Honey - excellent, 2nd place. 

Champion class - 12 entries - HARIZMA White Honey - excellent, 1st place, CAC, CACIB, BOS, European Winner 2015. She became Norwegian Champion and closed Nordic Champion title!!!

Thanks to the honorable judge Knut Sigurd Wilberg for my girl's high scores, that's the appreciation to our job and love for this amazing breed!

Trip to summer capital of Poland

22/08/2015 at the 23.International 55. BALTIC dog show in Sopot our dogs results:

  • HARIZMA White Honey - excellent, CAC, BF2, res-CACIB;
  • HELLA White Honey - excellent, CAC, BF1, BOB and CACIB under honorable judge from Poland mr. Jan Gajewski!

Both sisters returned at home as champions of Poland!

Two very hot days in Liepaja

09/08/2015 - second day at national dog show in Liepaja - ACCO Honey Dynasty has got 2nd JCAC and BOO, but mom HARIZMA White Honey - CQ and BOB!

In the competition ring our lovely girl HARIZMA White Honey became the BIG I !

I'm tankfull to the honorable judge from Cyprus- Erodotus Neofytou - for the high assesment and we're congratulating all the other winners!

08/08/2015 at national dog show in Liepaja ACCO Honey Dynasty in his first show - JCAC, BOO, but  ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty got her 3rd JCAC, BOB, BIG5 and closed Junior Champion of Latvia! She is JCh LV, JCh LT, JCh EE, JCh BALT, JCh RU now.

Thanks to judge Iuza Beradze (Chech Republic)! 

Congrats to ACCO owners Armands & Aiga and big thanks to Anastasija for exellent handling! 

Successful weekend in Russia

12/07/2015 in Kaliningrad at international dog show CACIB-FCI "Amber Summer 2015"

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty received - excellent, JCAC, BOB - junior and BOO! Our sweet girl is now Junior Champion of Russia !

Thanks to judge Irina Shvets (Russia) for the nice words!

Back from Estonia

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty in Pärnu IDS with CACIB received  - excellent, JCAC, BOB-junior and BOB,  she is Junior Champion of Estonia now! 

Thank you to the judge Vadim Katsnelson (Ukraine) for the high assessment!

In the competition she was in TOP 6 of the 2nd Group under judge Christian Jouanchicot (France)! 

Rose's mom HARIZMA White Honey in the 1st day was 3rd best female with Res CACIB, but aunt HELLA White Honey in the 2nd day - 2nd best female with Res CACIB!

We are proud with new winner's titles!

27/06/2015 at International FCI CACIB Dog show "Latvian Winner '2015' in Riga

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - PP, JCAC, BF2 and "Latvian Junior Winner '2015"!

Rose's handling by Anastasija Smolova

Congratulations to our finnish brother 

ALONSO JUNIOR Honey Dynasty , who has received JCAC and became Junior Champion of Latvia and "Latvian Junior Winner '2015"!

We are very proudly for our new generation!

Their aunt HELLA White Honey in this IDS

 has received CQ, CACIB, BOO and

title "Latvian Winner '2015" 

judged by Mr. Hans Bierwolf (Austria)!

First shows in the junior class






26/06/2015 at Speciality show for II FCI group  in Riga

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty - JCAC, BOB, 3rd Best Junior in Show under judge Vincenzo Parmiciano (Italy) and 2nd Best in Show under judge Nina Kharatishvili (Russia)!!!

Our little star made us very happy today Emocijzīme heart Thanks for excellent Rose's handling to Anastasija! 

14/06/2015 at National dog show in Palanga ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty (9 months) - excellent, Junior Winner, BOS and Junior Champion of Lithuania under judge

Regina Vaitkunskiene (Lithuania)! 

News from International dog shows

07/06/2015 at the IDS in Minsk (Belarus) our blonde HELLA White Honey - excellent, CAC, CACIB, Crufts qual. and BOO 

under judge Georg Baklushin (Russia).


She is the CHAMPION of BELARUS now!

 23/05/2015 at IDS in Hamina

HELLA White Honey has got BF1, CAC, CACIB, BOB under judge Luis Gorjao Henriques (Spain)

24/05/2015 at IDS in Helsinki

HARIZMA White Honey - BF1, CAC, CACIB, BOO  under judge Bosch Bas ( Netherlands)!!!

They are both CHAMPIONS of FINLAND!

New generation has successfully participated in the first shows!

14/05/2014 at the all breeds puppy show in Vantaa (Finland)


(8 months)

BOB and BIG4

under judge  Nina Janger (Finland)!!!

Congrats Viivi & Satu & kennel Bullgrin's!

Thank you very much for photo, Maija Jyrkkä!



09/05/2014 at the all breeds puppy show in Lahti (Finland)

our awesome boy


(7.5 months)

BOB PUPPY under judge Juoni Nummela (Finland)!

Great job, JUNIOR & Viivi!!!



02/05/2015 at the International Dog show in Lidköping (Sweden)

ALOPE Honey Dynasty (aka: PERLA)

(7.5 months)

 BOB PUPPY under judge Harry Tast (Finland)!


Congrats, PERLA & Terese!!!


01/05/2015 at all breeds puppy show in Sweden

our lovely sister

AMORE MIA Honey Dynasty

(aka: MIA) 

(7.5 months) 


at her first show under judge Lisa Molin (Sweden)!

Congrats, MIA & Marianne!

25/04/2015 at the International Dog show in Roskilde (Denmark)

our brave boy


 (aka: INNIT) 

(7.5 months)

BOB PUPPY under judge Rony Doeddijns (Netherlands) and BIS PUPPY under judge Marija Kabčič (Slovenia)!

We are sending warm greetings to all your team, but special to INNIT & his handler Rikke Andersen!

03/04/2015 at the International Dog show (Swedish Winner show) in Kista (Sweden)

our sweet girl

ALOPE Honey Dynasty (aka: PERLA)

(6.5 months)


under judge Sigrid Jarmer (Austria)! 

Congratulations to PERLA & Terese!

Photo by Annika Andersson

22/03/2015 at the all breeds puppy show in Jyväskylä (Finland) 


(6 months)


under judge Kimmo Mustonen (Finland)!

Photo by Hannu Heinonen

21/03/2015 at the International Dog show with "Cruft's" qualification in Riga (Latvia)

 our beloved girl

ALPINE ROSE Honey Dynasty

(6 months)

BOB PUPPY under judge Viera Staviarska (Slovania) and THE 4rd BEST PUPPY under judge Dmitry Prozorov (Russia)!

Thanks to Anastasija Smolova for Rose's handling!


07/03/2015 in the Bullmastiff Speciality show at Denmark

under danish judge Carsten Birk

ALI FOR LIBRRANI Honey Dynasty (aka: INNIT)

(5 months)

Congratulations to our danish friends!

21/02/2015 at the "Show of Winners 2015"

in Copenhagen (Denmark)


    (aka: INNIT)

(5 months)


Owned and loved by Mayanna Jayasinghe Riis & Stig Baunsgaard Pedersen

& kennel Librrani

Innit's performances at the "Show of Winners":

Thank you very much to Mayanna's father for this video!


14/02/2015 at the International dog show in Tallinn (Estonia)


(5 months)


2nd BABY! 

We are proud of you!!!

BIS judge Matti Tuominen (Finland)


08/02/2015 in the International dog show at Fredericia (Denmark)


(4.5 months)


Congrats with beautiful debut or danish brother and his owners!

Thanks to judge Antoaneta Penkova (Bulgaria)

01/02/2015 Mastiff breeds main Specialty 2015 at Estonia 


 ALONSO JUNIOR Honey Dynasty 

(4,5 months) owned by Bullgrin's & Viivi Alaluusua.

Congrats with amazing success our finnish brother and his owners!

Thank you very much to bullmastiff breed judge Pietro Marino (Italy) and
BIS judge Calin Simu (Romania)!

Photo by Maija Jyrkkä

The 11th weeks

                                            The 7th week                                              Daddy winns - children celebrates

Puppies enjoying the bones with meat

Picture by Maija Jyrkkä

6 weeks old 9 bullmastiff puppies eat bones with meat

Little treasures from Harizma and Alonso are born :) check them out in the part "PUPPIES" / "A" LITTER!

We have got very beautiful congratulation from daddy Alonso and Finland's grandma Viivi :) Thank you one more time!!!


On the 11th of September 2014 in the big wide world have came

the HONEY DYNASTY "A" litter!

With love we welcomed Harizma's and Alonso's five sons and four daughters . Mommy with pups feel good.

Thanks to Grobiņas vet clinic , but specially the doctor Ingrīda Tinte-Kalniņa for support in this special moment!
Viivi, we feel you love and
support every day thank you!


Successful weekend for our siblings!!!


16/08/2014 HOLY White Honey (aka: LUNA) in Valkeakoski (Finland) All Breed Dog Show got her first CAC and BOS! We are happy and congrats to Luna's owners & handler Annika, Isabella and Leif!!! Good luck in future!




This year is very important not only to HONEY DYNASTY, but also for our HARIZMA...

HONEY DYNASTY - bullmastiffs from LATVIA

Very hot, but great day in Lithuania




06/07/2014 in Plunge (Lithuania) HARIZMA started in open class and got excellent, LT CAC, N, BOS. Now she is Champion of Lithuania and Champion of Baltic Countries!!!

Thanks to judge Dr Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbia)!!!

Photo by Jurgita :)


Important news from Belgium!!!


We received a reply from Belgium! Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) accepted our request and now we have very sweet, but fundamental name "HONEY DYNASTY"!

"HONEY DYNASTY'" - bullmastiffs from Latvia :)


We've had an amazing photo shoot, soon there will be beautiful pictures...

HELLA White Honey - Lithuanian Champion and Baltic Countries Champion

BEST IN GROUP (under Zorica Salijevic)
BEST OF BREED (under Antonio Di Lorenzo)
What a day at Palanga 08/06/2014!

24/04/2014 White Honey's 2nd Birthday

We've returned from the wonderfull Finland with two Finnish Champions!

Dear friends!
Our wish for you: a Christmas filled with love and many blessings ! Happy Holidays!

With love from "White Honey" clan

How fast flies the time....
Today has ended the Junior time for our litter "White Honey". Slowly they are transforming from teenagers to real, grown up bullmastiffs.
We are very proud about your success, where you have been and what you have saw.
Always follow your goal and let your dreams come true!

Hugs and kisses from mom and sisters Hella & Harizma

Liepaja, 24/11/2013

P.S We are patiently waiting new pictures from you all!

...we continue...



09/11/2013 at the biggest show of the year in Baltic states International FCI CACIB "Baltic Winner 2013" HARIZMA White Honey - excellent, best female, BOO, CACIB and new title "Baltic Winner '13"!

Many thanks to honorable judge Franki Leung (Hong Kong)!

Thanks to handler Kristīne Balcere!

02/11/2013 HAPPINESS WHITE HONEY at International Dog Show in Tartu (Estonia) - excellent, JCAC, BF3. She has become Junior Champion of Estonia and Junior Champion of Baltic states!
Thanks to judge Antonio di Lorenzo (Italy)!


27/10/2013 in Panevezys (Lithuania) again DORA started in open class and got excellent, LT CAC, N, BOS.

Thanks to judge Astrid Lundava (Estonia)!

 13/10/2013 HAPPINESS WHITE HONEY (aka:DORA) at Dog show in Radviliskis (Lithuania) started in open class and got excellent, BF2.
Thanks to judge Peter Harsanyi (Hungary)!

Well done, Dora & Olga & Donatas!


27/10/2013 HECTOR WHITE HONEY at Dog show in Panevezys (Lithuania) started in open class and got excellent, LT CAC, N, BOB.

Thanks to judge Astrid Lundava (Estonia)!

13/10/2013 HECTOR WHITE HONEY at Dog show in Radviliskis (Lithuania) got excellent, JN, BOB and became Junior Champion of Lithuania!

Thanks to judge Peter Harsanyi (Hungary)!

Well done, Hector & Ana & Mindaugas!


22/09/2013 FCI 2 Group show "Molossoid day" in Riga our beautiful sister HAPPINESS WHITE HONEY got CQ, JCAC, BF2 and title 2nd BEST JUNIOR in SHOW. She has became Junior Champion of Latvia!

But HELLA WHITE HONEY - CQ, BF1, BOO and Club Winner certificate.

 Thanks for  Joanna Szczepanska - Korpetta (Poland) judging and Kristīne Balcere and Samanta Tīla (Liepāja) for sisters showing!

Well done, Olga & Donatas! I am very glad for our meeting!




VSMB CAC in Vilnius (Lithuania)

15/09/2013 HAPPINESS WHITE HONEY - excellent, JN and she has became Junior Champion of Lithuania!

Thanks to judge Kataszhina Fiszdon (Poland)!

Congrats to Dora's owners Olga & Donatas!


VSMB CAC  in Vilnius (Lithuania)

14/09/2013 HECTOR WHITE HONEY - excellent, JN (Junior Winner).

15/09/2013 - got excellent, JN, BOB and JBIS 5.

Congrats to owners Ana & Mindaugas!!!




15/09/2013 at National Dog Show in Kaliningrad (Russia) HARIZMA White Honey - excellent, BF, BOB and Champion of Russia!
Thank you very much to judge Renata Petkevičiene (Lithuania) and big thanks to Marija for Harisa's showing!!!



08/09/2013 HISAR WHITE HONEY became the 4th best junior male.

Congrats to owners Minna and Helle!

07/09/2013 at International Dog Show in Sandviken (Sweden) HARIZMA WHITE HONEY  got excellent, best female, CAC, CACIB and BOO. She has become Champion of Sweden!
Thanks to judge  Blid von Schedvin B (Sweden) and Kristīne Balcere for showing!





20/07/2013 HAPPINESS WHITE HONEY (aka:DORA) in her first show in Ukmerge (Lithuania) - excellent, JN (Junior Winner) and BOB (best of breed). Jugde Viktoras Avtusko from Lithuania.

21/07/2013  DORA again excellent, JN and BOS (best of opposite). Judge Mrowiec Waldemar from Poland.

Well done, Olga & Dora!


13/07/2013 HELLA WHITE HONEY at National all breed dog show "OGRE WINNER" - excellent, best junior, JCAC, best female, best of opposite, title "JUNIOR OGRE WINNER".
She has become Junior Champion of Latvia now! Also new Junior Champion of Baltic states!
Thanks to jugde Ernestas Balsiukas (Lithuania)!


14/07/2013 my lovely girl at national dog show "OGRE SUMMER" - again excellent, best junior, best female, best of breed.
Thanks to judge Ratibor Cekič from Serbia!
Thank you very much Kristīne for Hella's showing both days!


07/07/2013 HEART WHITE HONEY OF ADENCROWN at Dog show in Pietermaritzburg ( South Africa) - CC female.

Well done, Dawn & Heart!



07/07/2013 HARIZMA WHITE HONEY at Inernational Dog Show CACIB "Parnu Winner'13"  - excellent, best of breed junior, best female and best of breed. She has become Junior Champion of Estonia and Junior Champion of Baltic states!
  Thanks to judge Revaz Khomasuridze (Russia)!
  Big thanks to Samanta Tīla for Harisa's showing!




06/07/2013 HELLA WHITE HONEY at Inernational Dog Show CACIB "Parnu Summer Cup '13"  - excellent, best of breed junior, best female and best of breed and has become Junior Champion of Estonia.
Thanks to judge Ekaterina Bauzhes (Russia)!
Big thanks to Anna Žarova for Hella's showing!




30/06/2013 HELLA WHITE HONEY in "Rusne Summer '13" ( Šilute, Lithuania) - excellent, JN ( Junior Winner), BOB and has become Junior Champion of Lithuania.

Big thanks to fantastic judge from Czech Republic Karel Horak!

Lithuania - Hella's and Harizma's father's country. We are proud that we are able to present ourselves beautifully there


29/06/2013 HARIZMA WHITE HONEY in "HOBI Trophy '13" ( Šilute, Lithuania)  - excellent, JN (Junior Winner), BOB and has become Junior Champion of Lithuania.
Thanks to judge Livija Zizevske from Lithuania!
Thanks to Samanta Tīla for Harisa's and Hella's showing!




15/06/2013 HORUS WHITE HONEY in CAC Mladenovac ( Serbia) has become Junior Champion of Serbia - PRM, JBOB, BOB.

Congrats and well done, Horus & Dejan!



08/06/2013 in Riga at International FCI CACIB show with Cruft's qualification HARIZMA WHITE HONEY - PP, BF, BOO.
Thanks to judge Ulf Brathen (Denmark)!
09/06/2013 at FCI CACIB Dog Show "Rīgas Kauss" - PP, BF, BOB, Craft qualification.
Thanks to judge Johan Becerra (Puerto Rico)!




17/05/2013 at the 27th Annual Championship Show of the Bullmastiff Club of Southern Africa HEART WHITE HONEY of Adencrown was awarded best Bitch Puppy, CC as well as Best Opposite Sex!

Congrats Dawn!

24/05/2013 - litter's 'White Honey'1st Birthday!

After Latvia's time

4:44 AM first World saw HOPE,
5:34 AM - HISAR,
5:51 AM - HARIZMA,
5:59 AM - HOLY (LUNA);
10:36 AM - HECTOR;
12:15 PM - HORUS;
12:29 PM - HELLA;
13:30 PM - HEART and
17:22 PM - finally arrived HOMER!
In this year we all have gone trough smaller and bigger winnings. But most importantly we have found each other : I - You, but You - my children. Thank you for giving them your love and caring!

We are proud!




18/05/2013 at World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest (Hungary)

HORUS WHITE HONEY ( 11,5 months) has become JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2013!

Many congratulations to all in Pink House Beograd kennel, but special to Dejan & Horus!

News from dogs exhibitions

11/05/2013 at Special II Group Dog Show in Riga (Latvia)


12/05/2013 FCI II Group Dog Show in Riga again exc., JCAC, BOO!
Thanks to judges Bondar Zhanna (Belarus) and Junehall Petra (Sweden)!

Thanks to Kristīne Balcere for showing!




21/04/2013 National dog show in Talsi (Latvia)

HARZIMA WHITE HONEY - exc., CQ, JCAC and Best of Breed.

Thanks to judge  Rade Dakič (Serbia)!

HORUS WHITE HONEY arrived at home with titles -  Young Champion of Bulgaria, Young Champion of Macedonia, Young Champion of Cyprus, Young Champion of Moldova and  honorary title - "Young Balkan Winner 2013"!

Well done, Dejan!





03/04/2013 in CACIB Sofia (Bulgaria) - PRM, JBOB and BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW.

I'm very proud of your team's success, Dejan! Congrats to you!



30/03/2013 International FCI CACIB Dog Show " Latvian Winner 2013", in Riga 

my beloved girl HELLA WHITE HONEY - exc.,JCAC, BF2,

31/03/2013 FCI II Group Dog Show, in Riga again exc.,JCAC, BF2!
Thanks to judges ZHUK Galina (Belarus) and PABLAKA Inese (Latvia).
Thank you, Kristine, for great handling!





23/03/2013 HORUS WHITE HONEY in CACIB Jagodina (Serbia) - PRM, JBOB.

31/03/2013 in CACIB Vršac (Serbia) again PRM, JBOB.

 Congrats to you, Dejan!

Dear ''White Honey" brothers and sisters! Have you all blew 10 month anniversary cake candles off? We love you all - Hella & Hanna & Haris

Jipyyyy!!! Today is Hellas 9 month celebration! Our baby now is in Junior Class. Lovely greetings to all brothers and sisters and theyr great owners!

1st Birthday is a special moment!

We invite all "H" litter to our first Birthday party - on 1st of June!!!

About arriving and hotels needs, please, connect with us sooner:)
We will be happy for everyone who will find time to meet and be together!

Happy news from Lithuania!



In Vilnius public plases dogs can be walked only with lead and muzzle.

HECTOR WHITE HONEY passed a behavior test at 8 months. Now he can be walked without muzzle by 3 years. Hurray!

Thanks to owners Ana & Mindaugas for working and loving him!!!

"White Honey"s children in the wide world! Hugs from mom Hanna and sisters Hella & Harizma in the 8th months anniversary!

Sorry, Haris...

She is back!
Our Miss Violet -  HARIZMA WHITE HONEY - is home again, here in Latvia.
About the time that she has been away, people that she has met and things that she has went trough she doesn't tells anything.... and maybe it's better this way, because we are not sure if it would be comfortable to listen it.
Harizma gains weight, socialize and is happy to train.
It's amazing how dog can retrust people so easy!
She will need new home, but not disappointment....
Sorry, Haris, that you needed to go trought this rough experience and meet the "wrong" people!
We will try to protect your future!!!

Our dear litter "White Honey" relatives! We congratulate you in 7th months anniversary! Have a merry Christmas! Mom Hanna & sister Hella

I can feel it's coming....

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!



15-16/12/2012 HELLA WHITE HONEY at International Dog's exhibitions in Vilnius (Lithuania) became Best Puppy of Breed.

Thanks to judges Maria Amélia Taborda (Portugal) and  Adriana Bocca Griffa (Italia)!




08-09/12/2012 HELLA WHITE HONEY at National Dog show in Liepaja became Best Puppy of Breed and BIS PUPPY III! 

Thanks to judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain)!



17/11/2012 HISAR WHITE HONEY in the first show became the 2. Best Baby MALE!
Congratulations to his owners Minna & Helle!







04/11/2012 CACIB BEOGRAD
HORUS WHITE HONEY became Best Puppy of Breed!

Congrats to you, Dejan!

We have already 1/2 year!

My dear sisters and brothers from litter "White Honey" ! Congrats you and your owners in 6th months anniversary! Hugs from mommy :* With friendly regards, Hella from Latvia )))

Happy 5th month anniversary!

... party for dogs :)

First success from dog show!







At end of September HORUS WHITE HONEY -


Congratulations to owner Dejan! 






At speciality show Mastiff day in Riga 29/09/2012 - HELLA WHITE HONEY became the Best Baby of Breed and Best Puppy in Show (4 - 9 m).
Big thanks to judge Andrew Brace (UK)!






On 23rd September,  in Sochi International Show CACIB " Velvet Season-2012"  HARIZMA WHITE HONEY became the Best Baby of Breed!!!Thanks to judge Mario Di Chicco (Italia) and to owners Irina & Roza!

Great news for litter "White Honey" owners!!!

Tomorrow i will recieve our children pedegree!!! If there are any changes in your postal addresses, please contact us! ;)


Today is very good day for our Mr. Gold - he has found his new owners :) Homer will stay in Latvia!!!

...on the beach - 16 weeks old

09.08.2012. two our sisters fly to Africa

Hope and Heart found home in South Africa.....

I want to say thank you to people who helped make this dream come true. Hope and Heart are going to RSA with lot of people help.


Special thanks to veterinarian Dzintars and his team!

Thanks to Greencarriee Latvia airfreight export Jolanta for perfect document work! 

Happy life road girls! You will always live in our hearts in memories :)